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Terror Australis crew upon the HM Detrius

Write a play and see it staged

Terror Australis Too silly soliders

New works


We love to support existing and emerging and writers and provide an opportunity to bring new works to the stage. They can be a full length show or one act play for our One fest/Deloraine Drama Festival entries.


If you are interested in writing a one act or full length play but don’t have anything ready at this point please also let us know as we can assist you to bring it to fruition.

Submission Dates:

  • First Trimester Play - 30 May (of the year prior)

  • Second Trimester Play - 30 September (of the year prior)

  • OneFest/Deloraine Plays - 30 April (of the festival year)

  • Third Trimester Children’s Play - 30 January (of the show year)

We also have monthly play readings, which can be a fantastic way to try your play out and see how it sounds when brought to life. It can be a great first step prior to submitting your play for consideration.

Awards from the Deloraine Drama Festival 2023

“Great chemistry between the actors.  Some excellent natural acting - you guys were good!"

Ivano Del Pio, Adudicator, OneFest 2023

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