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Terror Australis the historic comedy returns with an all new adventure May 2-4.

Terror Australis Too


Barry Bryan's pseudo-historic comedy begins on board "HM Detritus", the last convict ship to land on Australian shores. You'll meet the supercilious Magistrate Franklin and family, sent to mete out some justice in the fledgling colonies, smart-alec Bosun Bligh on his second "scenic cruise", the ruthless and lascivious Captain James Kirk, only just in command and an annoying chap who pops out of portholes singing sea shanties. On shore there’s a cacophony of convicts, most charged with poultry offences, the highly unintelligible Ma and Pa Kelly, parents of young Ned, and the dastardly scoundrel, Mathew Brady, a pop star amongst criminals. Dare ye chain yourself to your seat for a night of high seas hilarity. It'd be a crime to miss it!

Terror Australis Too is our second, bigger and better adventure into the wilds of Colonial Australia after the first expedition was scuttled due to the plague in 2021. Tickets are just $25! So why not book your seats, grab a beverage and nibbles from the bar and join us at the Sorell Memorial Hall this August 1-3!

 New Dates for 'Terror Australis Too'. The show will now be docking 1-3 August! 

** Due to a couple of cases of the plague our high seas adventure will now be docking 1-3 August. We wanted to make sure that our intrepid crew are fully recovered and back to their cheeky selves! **


I’ve already booked my tickets?

If you’ve already booked tickets they will be moved to the same day/times on the new dates (you will have receive an email from Trybooking with your new tickets). If you need to alter your booking please contact us at
contact @ or phone 0435 36 7172.


I haven’t booked yet?

The new show dates are now on sale. You can book here.

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“A great night. Cast all give stellar performances but Ron Andersen as the blasé butler Bertie and Stephen Pears as Sir Murgatroyd Mugface Montgomery were oustanding!” 


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